Having started off life in the Montessori Children’s
House in Dietzenbach in 2009 helping the
kindergarten kids realize the fun and enjoyment of
cooking for themselves and their friends. This was
inspired by my own experiences as a child and the
joy I sensed in my children as I cook with them.
Die Kleine Kochschule grew quickly into working
with older children and providing adult cooking
events as well.
Alongside this renewed interest in the hands on
cooking of food, we found there was a home for
personalized food with a difference made with extra
attention to detail, and so the Catering service
came into being.
Die Kleine Kochschule has now evolved into much
more than just a cooking school. With more than 20
years of experience in the top end of the Food and
Catering industry. Hugh brings all the love and
passion to make it happen….
Die Kleine Kochschule
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